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Marketing Strategist- Social Media Marketing. Content Creation. 


Hey Ya’ll!

Im Rachel, full time mom part time marketing strategist! I’ve been freelance social media strategy for the last 2-2.5 years and I LOVE it. I’ve worked with local start ups to nation wide established brands! Over my career I’ve found such a passion for working with individuals in the beginning stages of their business and brand. There is SO much opportunity in the social media world. Wether you’re a product based shop or an aspiring “influencer” there is something so magical about jumping in at ground level and helping people set and achieve their goals.


One 30 Minute Strategy Call

Do you need help creating, mainstreaming, or implementing your marketing strategy? Do you struggle to create content that gets your audience engage? Are you at a loss on how to reach your target demographic and clientele? Luckily for you helping people reach their target demographic is my specialty!

One 30 Minute Strategy Call.

Topic Ideas;

Branding & Content Creation.

Discover & How To Reach My Target Market.

Im An Influencer & I Want To Work With Brands.



Creative Director, pls

Are you at a total loss of how to use your social media to create or build YOUR brand? Have you built a brand but you’re at a total loss when it comes to converting that to $$? Are you making $$ but want to be making $$$$? This package is for someone that wants bi-monthly strategy planning + strategy evaluation, daily availability for tips and direction for; stories, posts, content creation, caption creation, what to email back to a client or brand, how much to charge, etc. Cant wait to chat!

Bi-Weekly 60 Minute Strategy Sessions.

Daily Marco Polo & Text Availability.

AKA Continuous Help and Support With Your Marketing Strategy.




 Content Creation Mini

Are you a product based company tired of the same ol “in studio shots” that you always have? Are you looking for content to spice up your feed and add more variety? Are you having a hard time showcasing your product with on brand photos? I pride myself on my creativity and ability to capture well branded content.

Project Mood Board.

Facilitate Details; Location, Models, Props.

Curate Each Shot.

Includes; Product Shots, Styled Flat Lays, & Lifestyle Shots.

Up to 5 products.

One Month Full of Content.


Creative Director

Are you a product based company looking for high-quality, on brand content for your; social media, marketing collateral, and website? This is more than just shooting products in the same ol studio. With my Creative Director package I will carefully curate product shots showcasing each item, flat lay shots highlighting your products with other lifestyle items, and lifestyle shots that showcase how your products are used in real life.

Project Mood Board.

Facilitate Details; Location, Models, Props.

Curate Each Shot.

Includes; Product Shots, Styled Flat Lays, & Lifestyle Shots.

4 Custom Branded Graphics for IG + FB.

4 Custom branded graphics for IG Stories.

2 Ads - Image & Copy Completed.

One month Content Calendar (captions not included).

Up to 12 products.